An architectural objectification in acknowledging and unifying the impermanent and imperfect nature of Ego (head) and God (heart). 

Beautifully grotesque, SadBad longs to represent the narcissistic slipperiness in the attunement of dichotomies. 

Mirroring the zeitgeist, objects lovingly abuse and compassionately manipulate non-anthropocentric agents bound by space and time. 

The singular constant is change; our desire is to find schadenfreude with the uncomfortable moments in self. 

Architecture has looked to God v Human. New Materialism theory is about thought, agency, and movement. Further, if we are made in God’s image, then this depiction is of All thought, emotion, and sensation and not proportion of body. 

These infallible and undefinable movements are the needed flourishing growth of the stage following postmodernism. Everything which was pulled apart and deconstructed is now put back together again. 

SadBad untangles the dark flaws and limitations and allows acceptance and surrender to organically shift and change in an unknowable and uncontrollable direction. 

Architecture unbecomes into a synchronicity from deconstructed time, identity, and memory. 

Anything’s possible. Nothing matters. 

Optimistic nihilism is the present.